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Once our peer to peer car rental service is launched, every car owner will be able to make an extra income by renting their cars out.

We help travelers to rent cars without paying premium prices. And there will be more cars to choose from the open marketplace.

Gitto coin is an utility token that will be used to make payment for car rental within the Gitto mobile app.

Peer to peer lending of Gitto coins for face to face transaction using fiat currency.


The Gitto Project will use blockchain technology to solve the problems of high cost transportation in dense, metro areas.

The technology with be a two-fold blockchain solution. First we will be offering peer-to-peer car rental where cars are listed, made available and contracted through the blockchain.

Second we will be offering peer-to-peer ride sharing where both the drivers and the passengers offer, solicit and pay for rides on the blockchain.

By tokenizing the peer-to-peer transportation economy, the blockchaintechnology’s secure peer-to-peer capabilities will allow owners to rent out their automobile and time under the conditions and terms they determine themselves.